Glazed stone photography

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Photo printing on glazed exterior stone.

When you want to place some kind of photography outsideIt is essential that the material used is able to perfectly resist weather without suffering alterations of color.

We offer our photographic printing in glazed stone service (more weather-resistant material).

Glazed stone plates are fabrixan to measure and are trimmed in the form desired by the client.


Totem poles outside with picture. When you want to place a totem in the garden with a face or the 2 sides with a plate with decorative photography. For example the picture of an animal.

Stone garden tables. We supply the stone plate glazed printed with the photo desired by the client.

Plates on the facade. It is an element of decoration on the facade, a Heraldic Shield, a landscape, or any photograph supplied by the customer.

Glazed stone is the only material resistant to the intense exposure to the Sun. Resistant to extreme conditions of intense cold, snow regular Frost and UV radiation, accentuated by the altitude in high mountain. Resists corrosion in saline environments, so it is also ideal for coastal areas. 


The Graffiti they are one of large them panels of outside enemies, our glazed stone is resistant to any kind of solvent and acids selling in the market that is used for the cleaning and removal of graffiti in the photographs printed on glazed stone without affecting the printed design.


Our technicians and illustrators are at your service to make the layouts. The naturalistic landscape drawings can be made using traditional techniques or different digital techniques.


To be a working to measure, are quoted on an individual basis, contact us without obligation.



We make shipments to: Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia...




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